Greg Jonkajtys

Grzegorz Jonkajtys is a writer and filmmaker. He was born in Warsaw, Poland, in 1972, graduated from Academy of Fine Arts and has worked in the advertisement, animation and feature film industry for over twelve years. Grzegorz directed his first animated short Mantis in 2000, and won several international awards including the BAF and Imagina Independent Talent Award. While working in Poland (Platige image) and USA (Digital Kitchen, Cafefx, Syndicate, Industrial Light & Magic, Marauder Film), Grzegorz has contributed as a visual-effects artist, and lead animator for such films as Sin City, Hellboy, Pan’s labyrinth, Mist, Terminator Salvation, Rango, Pacific Rim and the Transformers sagas, amongst many others.

He is most noted for writing and directing his second film Ark, for which he was nominated the Golden Palm at Cannes film festival in 2007, and won the prestigious Siggraph Electronic Theater Best of Show award in the same year. In 2010 Grzegorz completed work on The 3rd Letter, a live-action dystopian drama starring Rodrigo Lopresti. The 3rd Letter received the Best Director prize at HollyShorts film festival in Los Angeles in 2010, Best of Show Jury award at Nevada City film festival and Best Short Award at Los Angeles New Wave Film Festival in 2011.

Grzegorz is currently developing the film "Ringers" with Shortchair Creative.